Emerald Bayou Studios is an exciting venture born out of powerful forces: dynamic changes in the entertainment industry, an unprecedented demand for creative content, the challenge of digital media, Louisiana's rich creative culture, and the love of entertaining audiences.


Emerald Bayou Studios (EBS) creates, produces and distributes content in traditional and digital media. This mini-major structure makes EBS responsive to the ever-changing marketplace and evolving technology. 


Emerald Bayou Studios, a Louisiana limited liability company, is the central entity charged with holding the vision for the entire enterprise.  

EBS has three primary objectives: 


Production- to produce quality entertainment content

         Infrastructure – to build state-of-the-future production facilities 

         Training – to train and employ a qualified production workforce and crew 


All productions are produced by Emerald Bayou Studios and Home Grown Workforce Initiative or 

co-productions are developed in conjunction with partnering companies.


EBS includes sister companies: Emerald Bayou Productions, Emerald Bayou Distribution, Emerald Bayou Technologies, Emerald Bayou Properties, Emerald Bayou Foundation and Home Grown Workforce Initiative.

Emerald Bayou Productions (EBP)
EBP, a Louisiana limited liability company, makes filmed entertainment, i.e. motion pictures, television and documentaries. Responsible for physical production, it is the driving force of EBS.  EBS currently has a slate of films with budgets ranging from $2 million to $80 million, including co-productions.
Emerald Bayou Distribution (EBD)
EBD, a Louisiana limited liability company, provides the global distribution of
entertainment product to theaters and for home viewing (dvd, cable, internet,
television, etc) creating opportunities where a film can recoup the initial financial
investment and acquire net profits.
Emerald Bayou Technologies (EBT)
EBT, a Louisiana limited liability company, is on the bleeding edge of research &
development in film, digital media and immersive entertainment. EBT conducted a
proof of concept test in 2006 with the assistance of Louisiana Immersive
Technology Enterprise (LITE), LSU, Georgia Tech and the University of
Louisiana-Lafayette.  The proof of concept was the first step in creating a global
distribution network.   (press page Emerald Bayou Pioneers New Technology.) 
EBT works with EB Distribution to provide R&D for production, post-production as well as maintaining a global
distribution network.
Emerald Bayou Properties (EBPROP)
EBPROP, a Louisiana limited liability company, develops and maintains the facilities and infrastructure required by EBS.  It also works with commercial and residential developers to provide direct and supplementary infrastructure such as permanent and short-term housing, and luxury hotel accommodations.
Emerald Bayou Foundations (EBF)
EBF is a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing a sustainable Louisiana-based global entertainment industry through educational programs as well as entertainment research and development. The Foundation also provides information to state and national policy and law makers regarding the entertainment industry and digital technology.
Home Grown Workforce Initiative (HGWI)
HGWI, a Louisiana limited liability company, is the training arm of EBS.  HGWI is dedicated to developing a viable production workforce providing crew support to Emerald Bayou Studios productions and facilitating the demands of the rapidly growing Louisiana film industry.

An exciting venture born out of powerful forces!